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Lantus Solostar

by Jenna

Dr orders Lantus Solostar pens 75 units daily. How much do you dispense for a 90 day supply

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by: Anonymous

75 units x 90 days is 6750 units
there are 1500 units in each box of 5 pens
6750/1500=5 boxes

Need help
by: Anonymous

How do you know the number of units in each box?

lantus solostar pens that a Doctor orders
by: Anonymous

i know that 75 pens a day multiply by 90 days is 6750. where from that 1500 in a box and 5 boxes in all? can you please help me?

by: JAM

Like what anonymous said, there are 1500 units in 1 box of 5 pens. If you do the math...

1 box = 5 pens
1 pen = 3 ml
1 ml = 100 units

So, 6750/1500 = 4.5

**But you can not break a box (well, not in our pharmacy as per my Pharmacist won't do it. I don't know other pharmacy though).

Anonymous rounded it of to 5 boxes.

(Then of course, there's the insurance problem that they'll only allow maximum of 90 days and that's another story. :))

How to calculate answer......
by: Pt Mike

Lantus comes in 300 unit per ml pen, packaged
5 pens to a box( 1500 units)
75 units x 90 days = 6750 units
Divided by 1500 units is 4.5 boxes
Since boxes aren't opened, you need 5 boxes to fill

by: Anonymous

You would dispense 5 boxes
Member is needing qt. of 75u/day
Each box is 15 or 1500 mls
90*75=6750 ml
6750/1500=4.5 boxes but since the boxes can't be broken 5 boxes would have to be dispensed.

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