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Laws Regulating Internet Mail-Order Drugs

by Kevin

Does anybody know what the laws are concerning mail-order drugs from the internet without a prescription? Sometimes they come from other countries and may be counterfeit. Some sites are legit (like in Canada) and require a valid doctor's prescription to be dispensed and are licensed pharmacies, but not all.

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Drug websites
by: Jeffrey

I'm not sure what laws either-maybe somebody knows. but there is a proliferation of internet-based pharmacies (often foreign) these days and the FDA, DEA, Dept. of Homeland Security, Postal Service Inspectors, etc. can't stop or regulate all that comes in-legal or illegal. I think they have their hands full enough with Schedule I drugs being smuggled in and can't enforce prescription drugs enough.

ED drugs online
by: Kevin

Yeah, obviously the less reputable ones just want people's money and don't really care about their health. ED drugs are a big sellers online because many men are too embarrassed to ask their doctor or pick it up at their local pharmacy in person. there probably are laws, but not really enforced too well because of widespread high volume.

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