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Lollipop calculation

by Ms Rose
(Orland Park Il)

prescription calls for lollipops with 5% active ingredient per lollipop. How much active ingredient would be needed to make the following lollipop recipe
Formula for 18 lollipops:

5% active ingredient
168g sugar
60 ml Karo syruo ( weighs 84g)
60 ml water

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Lollipop Calculation
by: Brad Wojcik, Pharm D

The total of all the ingredients except the 5% active ingredient total 312 g. We will let x = the total weight of product after the 5% active ingredient is added. The 312 g would then be equal to 0.95x. 0.95x = 312 g. Solving for x we get 328.42 g as the total weight. Subtracting the 312 g from the 328.42 gives us 16.42 g for the active ingredient. You can also set it up as a ratio proportion problem like this:
312g/95% = x g/5% Solving for x g we get 16.42g

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