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Math Problem

by Shobhana
(Yrotown, va)

A 32 year old patient weights 165 Lbs, and has been prescribed a therapy of 2mg/kg t.i.d. X10d of a certain drug to be dispensed as a solution. In stock, there are 12oz bottles of 1% premixed solution to dispense. How many bottles will be required to fill this order?

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Dimensional analysis
by: Anonymous

One dose:
165 lb. X (1 kg/2.2 lb) X (2mg/kg) X (1 gram/1000 mg)
= 0.15 grams

Volume for one dose:
(*Note that "1%" means 1gram/100 mL, or 100 mL/1 gram)

0.15 g X (100 mL/1 g) X (1 oz/30 mL)
= 1/2 oz.

Volume for 30 doses (t.i.d. For 10 days):
30 X 0.5 oz
= 15 oz

Would require two 12-oz bottles if you cannot dispense part of a bottle

by: Toman

1.25 bottles of 12ounces

150mg = 75kg person
12oz = 360mL
1% 1g/ 100mL

150mg x 3 tid x 10 days = 4.5 g total

4.5g x 100mL/ 1g x 1 bottle of 12 oz/ 360mL

= 1.25 bottles

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