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Measurement Conversion Factors

What is the best way to memorize common conversion factors?
such as 1 kg=2.2lb; 16oz=1 lb; 1tsp=5ml etc..
Which ones are the most commonly used in the pharmacy, and what will be on the PTCB?

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Pharmacy conversions
by: Anonymous

Memorizing them is the toughest part. But, using flash-cards is how I learned the ones I had trouble with.

But first:

Which ones do you already know? Take stock of the knowledge you already have. Do you have children, or watch your weight? If so, you probably know that there are 16oz in a pound. Well check this out, a pint is the liquid version of a pound, and 16 ounces make a pint. In fact, there are a few parallels that will help you with memorizing conversions. For example; 30mL and 30grams each equal an ounce respectively.

So, my advice is to look for patterns, and use repetition.

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