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Medpreps Review ?

by Julie
(Oldsmar, FL)

The date is fast approaching, getting closer to when I'm scheduled to take my PTCB. So far, I've taken all the free ptcb practice tests I can find. But, being an obsessive perfectionist is making me consider ordering a 1 month subscription on medpreps for their PTCB practice. However, before shelling out $30, I want to read some reviews. Has anyone here used them?

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Review of Medpreps
by: Anonymous

I recently passed the PTCB doing all self study with a friend. Of course, we used this site and did every free practice question available.

The practice tests the PTCB sells are way overpriced and have mixed reviews. So, we went halves, and got two practice test memberships. We did and and had access to tons of practice questions.

I'd say that pharmacytrainer's is a better way to go. The main reason I say that is because lots of medpreps questions seem like their borrowed from some of the other tests they offer. For example - On medpreps, there were strange questions about things that nurses or EMTs would need to know. Also, many of the drug questions were drugs that weren't in the top 200.

pharmacytrainer's questions were more involved, and more detailed. Which is how they are asked on the PTCB. Medpreps questions were mostly like doing flash-cards. I'm talking like one-liners that ask what classification is a drug, or what DEA schedule is this, etc.

Pharmacytrainer's questions were more relevant, and I think it's because all they do is pharm tech material. Medpreps sells dozens of different practice tests, from cosmotology to veterinarian.

Medpreps charges $30 / for 1 month
pharmacytrainer charges $25 / for 4 months

Also, medpreps throws the same exact question at you several times randomly, because they give you 90 question tests at a time. pharmacytrainer's questions are on a loop, so you can go thru some and then pick up where you left off. I preferred the latter, since it was always fresh questions.

Anyhow, best of luck.

Pharmacy Trainer
by: Barb

I visited the website and could not find the link to subscribe to their practice exams. Could you please help?

by: Anonymous

If you are struggling passing the PTCB exam or scared need that extra assurance, you are not alone! I have been there! I'm happy to help! I noticed many books out there make it harder than it needs to be! You don't need a tutor! You don't need to spend 10k for a school or 2k for one of those online schools. All you need is the right tools to pass the exam! I spent countless hours of hard sweat work to find the right tools that made it easy to understand. I passed the PTCB exam with flying colors on the first attempt!

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