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new PTCB scoring update


I have question. about the new ptcb scoring, recently they change score, before 300 to 900 passing rate was 650. now 1000 to 1600 passing rate is 1400. question is same 90 question. what is the difference they made? And, how many question do we cover to pass test. Thanks.

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PTCB Passing Score 2014
by: Anonymous

Out of 90 questions, you should have 80 right answers if so then your passing rate will be 1400.

by: Anonymous

Not really. Different questions have different value. I got 13 questions wrong and got 1503 passing score. In my personal opinion, math is very important to pass.

80 out of 90 isn't right...
by: Anonymous

That's not true either. There are 90 questions, but only 80 are scored, thus removing the idea that you have to get 80 out of 90 right - then that would be a "perfect" score. Everything is weighted differently so there is no clear cut answer.

by: Anonymous

How many question do you have to get right in order to pass it and make a 1400?

MY scoring
by: Anonymous

I took the test in July 2014. So, I missed 15 and still passed above the 1400.

ptcb exam
by: Anonymous

I will be going to take the exam in 2 weeks. Is there a lot of math on the test? I'm good with math, but having a hard time on memorizing the drugs and now stressing on that. Can someone please help me with this. Thank you

some math
by: Anonymous

You need to get 80 questions for 1600, the base is 1000, how many right questions for 1400. If we subtract 1000 from these score. I come up with x/400=80/600. X comes out to be 53.3

PTCB 2015
by: Anonymous

For those of you going through the struggle!

I missed 17 questions and ended up with a barely passing score. I studied 6 hours a day for only a week using only this site, another pharm tech site, and random peoples' quizlets.

Here's (roughly) the question breakdown

Medication Order Entry / fill process: 14

Medication Safety: 10

Pharmacology for Technicians: 11

Pharmacy Billing and Reimbursement: 7

Pharmacy Info System / Applications: 8

Pharmacy Inventory Management: 7

Pharmacy Law and Regulations: 10

Pharmacy quality assurance: 6

Sterile and non-sterile compounding: 7

Good luck!

by: Anonymous

The correct answer is there is no correct answer. Each test is scored differently. Which test you get when you go is random, some tests are more difficult than other tests. The tests that are more difficult are scored differently than the easier tests. The more difficult tests you are allowed to get more questions wrong and still get a score of 1400, the easier tests you must get more right to score a 1400. If Person A took the difficult test and Person B took the easy test, they could have the same number of questions wrong but Person A would have a higher score. In conclusion, you can not base this test off of how many questions you got wrong or what % you got, this is not graded in this manner.

by: Anonymous

I took the test on Nov 2016. The passing score is 1400 and I got a 1466. This is me just going through a PTCB textbook (downloaded the ebook for free at my local library). I studied on and off between August and November because I worked 2 jobs. However, if I were to really break it down, I probably spent 3 weeks at most. I read through the textbook once, used quizlet for the trade and generic, went through this WHOLE site once and then looked up ALOT of practice questions. Then before test day all I did was review. The test is very random and in one of the comments below it really breaks it down on the subject. 80/90 are scored. I missed 17 questions and still passed. So the questions are weighted differently.

I call BS on all of you.
by: Anonymous

You're all just guessing.

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