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On the job training

by Shirene

I am currently doing on the job training at Walmart. I started 3 months ago, and since I found this site a few weeks ago I am learning more efficiently. It's like second nature to everyone I work with except me. I printed off the book from here and I have to take the test in 4 months. I felt kinda lost till I found this site. I was told I would get all the training I needed to pass the test but there is much to be learned.

I just learned today how to check a DEA number. In 3 weeks I need to be ready for input. Any suggestions you have, please send them to me. So I have 4 months to prepare and the rest of my life to continue to improve. Thank you so much everyone. How far in advance can you schedule a test? Any suggestions on how I can learn I'm all ears. I don't have facebook. So asking here.

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Practice Tests Help
by: Wendy

First of all, this website helped me A LOT! I took the test this past November and passed it on my first try. Honestly, I would just go to websites and take advantage of all the free tests. I got apps as well - some free and purchased two. I got hold of the outline they provide on the PTCB website and used it as my guide. Anything I didn't know I would ask my pharmacist, co-workers and other resources (textbook, Internet). Flash cards came in handy as well. I hope this helps!

Use the free book
by: Marlene

This website is the best. I did the "home study" route and past the 1st time. I learned so much from the PDF downloaded book. There is still so much I have to learn. Although my coworkers are helpful, they are not the best teachers. Good luck

Walmart pharmacy tech
by: Amy

Walmart also pays for Pharmacy Technician university. You should see about also doing that at work.

Walmart Tech
by: Jennifer

I am currently working at Walmart as an OTC pharmacy tech. All techs at Walmart, hired after a certain date, have to complete the Pharmacy Technician University thru Walmart within 4 months of hire/job code change to the pharmacy. Its a full comprehensive course, designed to prepare you to take either the ExCPT test or the PTCB. For Walmart, you have to become certified by taking one of the two national tests within two years (IL law) or you lose the license and are kicked from the pharmacy. I learned so much and did so well on the PTU that I am taking the ExCPT in a couple days. Good news is, even tho you have to pay for the exam, if you pass it, Walmart reemburses you the cost.

Wal-Mart pharmacy technician
by: Anonymous

Wal-Mart will not teach you what you need to know on the test. You need to leard basic sig codes. Ask for help all the time, don't frustrate yourself. Then Get a little book and write down what u don't know and use it. Use the pharmacy technician university training program to your advantage. Learn hospital pharmacy, sterilization and compounding rules and aseptic technique. Wal-Mart doesn't teach u this and u need to know it for test

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