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Order to study for PTCB

by pmarler
([email protected] )

Is there a recommend order to study all these PTCB prep materials? (EX. START WITH THE 200 TOP DRUGS FIRST THEN...)

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by: Anonymous

Unless you already have Pharmacy experience, I would not suggest starting to memorize the Top 200 drugs for at least a few weeks.

If I were starting self study, I'd probably do it like this:
1) Make sure your math level is at least basic algebra
2) Read about the laws, regulations and regulators of pharmacy (DEA, FDA, BOP, etc)
3) Read about all drug therapeutic classes - Indications.
4) Learn about NDC numbers - their meaning, etc
5) Learn prescription abbreviations
6) Practice decoding scripts and calculating orders.
7) Start to learn and memorize Top Drugs
8) From there you should have a feel of where to go towards, based on what's left in your books.

I need the right PTCB study materials, Please
by: Anonymous

Any PTCB review books, app, website that is closely or almost the same with the actual PTCB exam? I used Northstar Learning by Edmuntun and its not very helpful and failed the test last 8/02/16.

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