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Pearson Online Practice Exam

by Bells

I just took the online practice exam from the Pearson website (the one that cost $29). I passed it with a 76, although I did find it difficult. It asked questions about iPledge and which medications were on the Institute for Safe Medication Practices List of Confused Drug Names. I found these questions a little difficult to answer because i didn't find this information in the books I am studying with. I feel like I passed based on more prediction than my skill. Does anyone know comparably how similar is the practice test to the actual test?
Thank you.

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Pearson PTCB Practice Exam
by: Anonymous

I was thinking about taking that test, too. Anybody out there that took it and can tell about it?

Ptcb practice test
by: Anonymous

I also bought the ptcb pearson practice test. Have been taking lots of online tests and doing very well . Have been a pharmacy tech in a retail setting for four years and am now required to take national test or go down in pay scale. I passed the practice test but did not score as high as I hoped to. Think I got a 78. Was a little confused with the tall man lettering questions and some of the questions on which book is red book, orange book, PDR, ETC. of course, working in retail I don't use laminar flow hoods or iv flow rates. But think I have those figured out. The whole hepa filter grade and what kind of laminar flow hood was a little confusing and I have to say with what we have to know and do this profession needs to up their pay scale to match the skills needed to do the job properly. I mean we are dealing with peoples lives and their crappy treatment on a daily basis.

PTCB Practice exam
by: Anonymous

I took this exam as well and found almost the exact same problems for myself as listed above. It lets you know where you are weak. I found it helpful.I think that along with the online tests on this site its helpful.

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