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Pediatric Dosages

by Bella

A child weighing 12kgs is ordered 40mgs erythromycin per Kg/day, to be given in 4 even doses through out the day. The drug is available as 200mg/5ml of syrup.
How much syrup is the child to be given for each dose?

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by: Brianna

the answer should be 3ml

Showing my work
by: Rohvannyn

I found it helpful to figure out the total the child would have, and also how many mg is in each ml.

If the child weighs 12 kg and is supposed to get 40 mg per kg, she would be given a total dose of 480 mg.

If there are 200 mg in 5 ml, that means 1 ml equals 40 mg.

So that's 1 ml per kilo of body weight per day.

If she weighs 12 kg, she gets 12 ml per day.

That means with 4 doses, she gets 3 ml per dose.

Simple once you break it down!

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