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Phamacy dosage question

by Connie

Amoxicillin suspension 300 mg PO tid is ordered. The amoxicillin suspension that is available is labeled 400 mg / 2 ml. How much amoxicillin is required at each dosing interval?

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by: Anonymous

400mg - - - - 300mg
-------- = ---------
2ml - - - - - X


explain please
by: Anonymous

I Don't understand...

Cross multiplication...?

by: Anonymous

you have 400mg/2mL and the patient needs 300mg. To find this answer the easiest way for me is to do the following:
Divide 2 by 400 which is 0.005. Then multiply that by 300mg. This will give you your answer which is 1.5 mL.

set the problem
by: Anonymous

how do you know how to set the equation or problem

by: Anonymous

how do you know when to cross multiply

by: Anonymous

dose you want x mL \ what you have

Learning metric system
by: Tina

How can I remember the metric chart and appothecary chart?

Alternative method
by: Anonymous

I did it this way:

Divide 400mg by 2ml= 200mg
There is 200mg of amoxycillin per 1ml.
The patient requires 300mg.
1ml- 200mg
So 1.5ml- 300mg

ml needed
by: Anonymous

Need/Have x ml amt =

300mg/400mg x 2ml = 1.5 ml

by: Anonymous

Doesn't that mean 3 times a day? (Not B.I.D.)

Math question
by: Anonymous

You Have 400mg/2ml

You need 300mg/xml

400/2=300/xml (cross multiply)

300mgx2ml and 400mgxml

600mg/ml over 40mg/ml

now divide 600mg by 40

= 15mg/ml

Another view
by: Anonymous

Instead of setting up proportion, try using dimensional analysis. Always write the units.

300 mg X (2 mL/400 mg)
= 1.5 mL

You simply set up the given quantity and concentration so that the desired units end up in numerator (in this case, mL) after cancelling the mg in numerator and denominator.

Pharmacy not phamacy
by: Vivi

Did anyone else notice pharmacy is misspelled ? lol

by: Anonymous

This can be solved with this equation:

- x V

D- drug ordered

H- Drug on Hand

V - Volume

--- x 2

This equals 1.5 mL

order over sock
by: Anonymous

Order over stock times ml
300mg (what is ordered)
400mg (what is in stock)
0.75x2ml(which is from 400mg/2ml)=1.5ml per dose

4.5ml per day
by: Anonymous

400mg (x)= 300mg (2ml)
x= 600mg/ml Divided by 400mg
x= 1.5ml tid =4.5ml per day

Calculating depo testerone day supply.
by: Anonymous

Can you help me to understand dosage calculation please

by: Anonymous

I don't think the answer is correct - pt. It requires 900(300 tid)tid means three times daily?

answer is not correct
by: Anonymous

the answer is 4.5ml

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