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Pharm Tech State License vs National Certification

by Richard

Once you've passed the PTCB and become a certified pharmacy tech, do you have to maintain both state and national licenses and pay the renewal fee upon expiration date (for both)? Or, do you just have to keep up and maintain the PTCB certified pharmacy tech license only?
Thank you.

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PTCB Certification and State License
by: Jerry

Firstly, you must maintain state licensing no matter what. Period. Each state is different in how they do that.

So then,

- If neither your state or employer requires national certification, you don't need to take the PTCB, or ExCPT.

- If your state (or employer) requires you to take the National exam (i.e - PTCB) to obtain state licensing (or employment), you'll have to pass and perpetually maintain that. Which means continuing education and renewal fees due every 2 years.

I've heard that most employers are requiring PTCB national certification, even in states that don't require it.

Some employers, like Walgreens, are even implementing programs where you have a few months to obtain it.

National renewal
by: Anonymous

Here is my problem been a Pharmacy tech for 10 years wasn't required to have national cert only state so I kept up my state and let my national expire I recently took a break from pharmacy work and now trying to get back into it but all the pharmacies now require both national and state how do I get my national cert. Will I have to pay a fine with a letter of explanation or retake the exam I have looked on louisiana board of pharmacy can't find an answer I've tried calling with no luck any information would be greatly appreciated

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