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Pharmacy Compounding math

by arch

How many 100 mg Drug T capsules would be needed to compound the following prescription?
Rx: 1.5% Drug T, 10% glycerin, qs 500ml with Isopropyl alcohol.

A. 10 capsules
B. 75 capsules
C. 150 capsules
D. 55 capsules

Please help in detail. Thanks.

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pharmacy math
by: Tom

When you read the question it states qs to 500ml.
qs means Quantity Sufficient, and that tells you that the final solution will have a volume of the following amount given.

A ratio and proportion must be set up to solve this problem. The Glycerin is Fluff in this problem.

1.5% = 1.5g/100ml

1.5g/100ml = Xg / 500ml =7.5g

7.5g x 1000mg/1g = 7500mg / 100mg = 75 capsules

another way
by: Anonymous

1.5/100 =.015g
.015*500ml = 7.5g
7.5g*10% = 75capsules

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