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Pharmacy mixture math

by may

The order is 120mg.The oral liquid dosage strength is 100mg/5ml.Calculate the ml to be given for this dosage. Round answer to the nearest tenth

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this looks like a dosage calculation
by: Anonymous


Please help
by: Kia

you would multiply 120mg by 5ml giving 600 mg/ml dividing that by 100 MG will cancel out the MG leaving 6 ML

by: Anonymous

I have trouble setting up the formula...I understand what I have to do it's just applying it. I got 5.4 but I understand why its 6ml

by: Anonymous

These problems always have three parts: the given, the units of the answer and one or more ratios. In this case the given is 120mg, the units of the answer are mL and the ratio is 100mg/5 mL. The ratios always equal 1, so you are just multiplying 120 mg by a form or 1 to change it from mg to mL. Also, the ratios can always be flipped upside down when needed.
120mg (5 mL/100mg) = 6 mL. The units of mg cancel out and you are left with mL. The reason that 100mg/5 mL = 1 is because in this case 5 mL = 100mg and anything divided by itself or an equal value = 1.

by: Anonymous

always put your known factors on the left in this case you would put 120 mgs and put 100 mgs under it on the left side on the right side you would put 5 ml across from the 100 mgs on the right on the right top you would put x then multiply 120x5 equals 600 then divide 100 into six and it is 6 ml

by: Anonymous

[100] 120
----- = -----
5. X. 100x=600
---- ---
100. 100
X= 6

by: Tailor W

First you would start with your order depending on what method you choose to use . for me I"m a dimensional analysis person but I do understand the method of ratio proportions.

DA: Start with you order first
Order: 120mg
Available: 100mg/5ml
so you would multiply 120mg by 5 then divide by 100mg to cancel out the mg so that you are left with ml.. so your answer should be 6ml

RA: Start with your available first
Order: 120mg
so you take 100mg/120mg and cross multiply it by 5ml/xml. So therefore when you take 120mg and multiply it by 5 you get 600, then you are left with 100mg(xml) so you now you have 600/100(xml) your answer is 6ml

dosage calculations
by: craftymom

the best way to calculate dosages is to take the ordered amount divide by the amount on hand and multiply by quantity. Ordered/hand x QUANTITY. 120mg ordered/100mg on hand X 5mL the amount to be given = 6mL.

by: Anonymous


120 MG multiply 5ML and divide 100mg equals 6ML

proportion method
by: Anonymous

(X)mL/120mg = 5mL/100mg

120mg X 5mL = 600
600 / 100mg = 6mL

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