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Pharmacy Tech school

by Teaonna

I went to school at M.A.T.C technical college in Milwaukee for the Pharmacy Tech program and now wondering if my certificates are still good after five years?

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Pharmacy tech trade schools
by: Jerry

Typically a certificate you earned from an accredited institution does not ever expire, no.

You should study for, and pass the PTCB. I'll explain why below.

About your trade school degree; if you didn't get into the industry the cert. major was for and five years have passed, then your chances of using it to land a job are likely slim.

Strangely, at the moment, Wisconsin doesn't require pharmacy technicians to obtain national certification. PTCB certification is completely voluntary. In fact, a good friend tells me that he believes they don't even require techs to have a license. No regulation at all. Seems like Wisconsin's Pharmacy Board is a bit behind the times.

Anyhow, regardless of how archaic your state is, getting hired is more about what Pharmacy managers and Pharmacists want. They're the ones who have to suffer when a tech is inexperienced. So, if you have current PTCB certification AND the trade-school degree, that would be more impressive.

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