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Pharmacy Technician Continuing Education Credits

by Kevin

For those of you that have passed the PTCE (or soon to pass) there are many ways to get those 20 contact hours of C.E.U. within the 2 years from when you're certified. Online there's that has a lot of online pharmacy articles that you can read, download or print out, then take the quiz for Continuing Education credit.

I think they'll even mail you out a certificate for your records. Some of the articles are geared more for pharmacists, so try to pick articles that are not too involved with pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics calculations and statistics unless you like that stuff. Some are easier than others. Also the AAPT or other pharmacy organizations may be active in your area with monthly seminars or online content for C.E.

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pharmacy tech CE
by: Anonymous

Another way to get free CE is to have your supervising pharmacist sign off whenever you do any training on directly related stuff.

Between that and free continuing education from your state's B.O.P, the CDC, the FDA, Powerpak, and a dozen other places online, A pharm tech should never have to pay for more than 1-2 hours of CE.

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