Propranolol dosage for an infant

The dose of oral propranolol for a neonate with an arrhythmia is 250-500 mcg/kg. It is available as an Inj solution (1mg/mL). The prescriber wants to give the patient a starting dose of 250 mcg/kg. The baby weighs 4kg. What initial dose of propranolol is needed for this infant?

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by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

Can you show how you got that answer please? I got 1ml the first time I worked it, but can't seem to figure out how.

by: Anonymous

doctors order is 250mcg/kg
pt weight is 4kg
solution comes in 1mg/ml

read what the question is asking for (initial dose) and set this up at the front of your equation. plug in what they gave you in the question.

get all your units to cancel (as you can see, mg, mcg, and kg all cancel out, leaving you with mg (the dose) which is what the question is asking for)

mg= 1mg 1000mcg kg 1
---x --------x---------x ------
ml 1mg 250mcg 4kg

multiply the top numerators, multiply the denominators, then divide the numerator by the denominator. this will give you your answer, which is 1ml

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