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PTCB exam preparations

by Emily
(Texas )

I recently started working at a community pharmacy in my town, just as a cashier/tech in trainee. The techs that had been certified this year were mentioning that the exam was vastly different from what they had prepared for. One had said that there was a lot of information on insurance, that their course and self studying never went over as well as the top 200 drugs they studied were not asked about. Has anyone else had this experience ? I am self studying and I am not quite sure what to do. Suggestions would be very much appreciated! I have been using this awesome site religiously as well as the The Pharmacy Technician Text book fifth ed to prepare so far. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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by: MGLM

The exam was revamped in late 2013, so yes, it is very different from the one before. An exam blueprint can be found on the PTCB site that will show you what areas to focus on. I would study everything in those areas. To answer your questions, yes there were some questions dealing with insurance and there were questions on the top 200 drugs. This site is very good because unlike some of the others, it is pretty up to date. I used this site a lot while reviewing, especially the practice exams. I memorized a lot of the top 200 drugs and learned everything I could about the very common ones. It was REALLY hard to do, but it was worth it because I know I got those questions 100% right. I used flashcards to learn them. I recommend being an expert on all the pharmacy math and pharmacy laws as well. Can you pass the test without knowing the Top 200 drugs? Sure. But why get those questions wrong when you know they will probably be on there? The test is very tricky. There will be ones you get wrong no matter what because you never heard of them. Good luck!

I recently passed
by: Anonymous

I just passed the PTCB Exam and I want to share my experience to all of you.

In my Opinion , it was a kinda strict assessment test.It does not involve any tough math calculations.It was based on more drug part than expected and one should have the clear concepts about the aseptic & non-sterile compounding.

Just knowing the health organization & agencies responsibilities , proper dosage calculation , law and generic names will make you pass the test.

The only thing which can make you best is the practice tests. Take as much practice tests and repeat tests again and again. This will help you learn to manage time during the test and quickly find the correct answer selection.

I used Mosby series for certification of pharmacy test & Mike Johnstan book. I like both books but I can say that Mike Johnstan Book was more precise to study if you have short time.

by: Anonymous

I am just now leaving the big city from taking my exam. 7-14-16. I was so nervous thinking about taking it. I studied for 2 weeks and used an old Mosbys book from 2006. It had a cd with 5 exams on it. I took as many questions as I could daily and also read the content on areas I knew I did not know well. The math was very basic. I had no allegation problems but a lot of % questions. Most of the questions where not straight forward. Meaning that, they would ask for things that I had not covered but I was able to eliminate all other options based on what I did know. Study your laws. They are there in multitudes. I downloaded quizlet and searched for note cards on laws and the top 200 drugs. I studied them daily. On breaks and when I was waiting for appointment etc. Eat brain food the day of, take a multivitamin, and just relax. Do not study on test day. I jammed out on my way there. Have faith you will do fine.

Failed the PTCB Exam
by: Sandy

I took the exam on January 18, 2017 and failed, I got a 1392. I has very shocked that I failed since I studied so hard. When I got my results I felt a whole lot better since I only missed passing by a few questions. I though I really blew it. I will be retaking the exam March or April time frame and I hope I really make it this time so I can get a pharmacy technician job.

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