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by Keshia
(N. Carolina)

Do you have to be PTCB certified to work in a pharmacy as a pharmacy technician if you have passed a pharm tech course?

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Depends on the state and employer
by: Jerry

Passing a course is an excellent place to start, and that (plus registering for a license with your state) may be all you need to land a job.

I believe that in NC, you don't need to pass the PTCB for the state to license you. If you have a pharmacist sponsor you or pass an accredited course, pass the state background check and pay their fee, you can apply for a PT job.

It really varies by state, and a few of them don't even regulate Technicians. So, a pharmacy could hire someone with no training, license, certification or experience.

Other, like Washington state require graduating a Pharmacy Commission-approved technician training program, eight hours of pharmacy law study, 4 hours of HIV/AIDS training, Background check, and PTCB National Certification.

Also, even in states that don't require much to get a license, certain companies may require PTCB certification.

Pharmacy Tech in Louisiana
by: Anonymous

Louisiana requires you to pass the PTCB exam and complete 600 on the job training hours.

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