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PTCB practice questions

by Saili
(Walmart )

Are the PTCB practice questions on this site similar to the real exam?

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Practice Tests
by: Keith

Yes, the questions on the free and paid exams are designed to be as similar to the official PTCB exam as possible. There's no guarantee that you won't see questions on the PTCB asking about material you haven't seen or heard of.

Speaking of that: Sometimes you'll see comments posted online from people who took the exam and say they are "Surprised they passed" because there were things on the test "They never even heard of." However, they are probably forgetting that there are 10 dummy questions on every PTCB exam that don't count, and most likely that's what they're talking about.

test taking
by: Anonymous

just took exam w/pearson vue my prep was to the top no question re DEA license verification, child weight, temp calc. nothing rediculas questions knew 20 min in if i got 40 percent id be lucky.jugestions for a second choice exam

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