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PTCB Test Taking Tips:

#2 - Eliminate at least one answer

On every question of a multiple choice exam, there's going to be three available answers that are wrong. And, lots of times at least one of them is obvious. Sometimes, the people writing tests even make them obnoxious.

example question

A capsule is a soluble container that encloses a dose of drug or a nutritional supplement for oral administration. Which of the following is the largest size of capsule?

A. 2
B. 4
C. 5
D. 0

This question is asking which of the answers is the "largest" size. Now, even if you didn't know that smaller capsule number meant a larger capsule, you could still rule out 4 and 2. By doing so, you just doubled your chances of getting the question right.

Learning to properly eliminate wrong answers gives you a slight edge on a multiple choice exam. When you start taking the practice tests, you'll notice that the authors will plant dummy answers to see if you didn't read through the whole question. That's the other thing that makes the elimination trick work. if you read through the whole thing, you can see those quickly.

How much could this really help? It could be the difference between passing and failing because of the questions you aren't sure about. Identifying one wrong answer puts you at 33% chance of guessing, and identifying two runs you up to 50%.

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