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Ratio and proportion math

by J. Doe
(N. Carolina)

On Free practice test #4, Question #8 - I need help with this question:

Two solutions are combined in a 3:1 ratio to make a custom compounded solution. How many of each is required to make 200mL of this mixture?

A. 125mL : 75mL
B. 210mL : 90mL
C. 120mL : 80mL
D. 150mL : 50mL

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question 8 to quiz 4
by: Anonymous

3:1 ratio making 200 mL
total is 4
3x200/4= 150 mL
1x200/4= 50 mL
Answer is D

I hope this helps

by: Anonymous


Quiz 4 question 8
by: Anonymous

3+1= 4
Answer: 150:50

another tip
by: Johnson Meloottu CPhT

we can ignore answer b right away. Total ml is 300 in those answer.

Percent, and ratio
by: Anonymous

Calculate the amount of atropine stock solution
Concentration 0.5% needed to compound the following
Prescription:atropine sulfate 1:1000, sterile water
Qs ad 300ml much sterile water has to be added to complete
This order??

by: Anonymous

answer is 250 mls of sw

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