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Reaching out for PTCB study help

by Jeff

Alright, so here's is the deal. I'm taking an online pharmacy tech certification course, and long story short, the course was a COMPLETE rip-off, and I haven't been able to retain really, any knowledge at all from it.

Cutting to the chase, I am looking for a basic study guide to take my books I have, along with some other resources, and brush up on what is required. I am looking for any help I can get. I can't seem to retain the knowledge I need with this course because they are just teaching me to pass a test, then the review comes, and I just cannot remember the previous lesson(s).

I need to know if studying the 200 drug names is a good idea or not, what some of the basic/most common math portions to study would be, and just the rest, including laws, pharmacology, and all of that good stuff. I really hope I can get some help because I just have no where else to turn, and it is really stressing me out!

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Test help
by: Anonymous

Studying the whole top 200 drugs (brands/generic) is a watse of time. It will minimally be on the test. The test is mostly (like 80%) math. Know percentages,dilusions, drip rate, basic calculating of days supplies, and metric conversion. Know what a mortar and pestle is for and the different types. Know what titration is. A lot of what you will study or be tested on is never in practice in a real job setting. My advice is to make yourself some flash cards about major points and go over them 2-3 times daily and then do 3-5 math problems of the various calculations per day, until you are comfortable doing them quickly b/c remember the test is timed and you have about 90 seconds for each answer. I hope this helps...with all that said being a pharmacy tech is about how fast you can move and how much crap you can take.

The truth of what to study
by: Anonymous

Anyone that tell you: do this, do that, this is better, or helps you more... but the truth is no matter how any body tries to help you, when it comes down to the PTCB exam you just never know what the data system will give you. I studies my brains out for 3 weeks, and that was for nothing when I took the PTCB exams. I had my ex job at the time, and they provided us with update books etc. Studies that... still didn't pass the PTCB. What I studied wasn't even on the exam. Well, Only a few... The best thing is just to study a little bit of everything. Know the top 200 brand VS Generic, classification, law etc math etc. And practice all the online quizzes and practice tests.

Ptcb exam fail
by: Anonymous

I also took a class and did well on the tests. I studied and will continue to study. I took the exam but there were questions on there that I had no idea about. So I'm buying a more up to date book. It's very discouraging to take that exam and feel like you weren't fully taught the right material. The test center was nice, but they are extremely strict.

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