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A 2 year old child is admitted with fever and respiratory distress. The patient weights 28 pounds. The physician orders Prednisolone 2mg/kg/day x10D. Prednisolone comes in 15mg/5ml. What is the volume you would administer this patient for this order?

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by: Anonymous

Is the answer 85 ml?

41,1ml per day
by: Anonymous

28lbs x 2.2kg/lb = 61.6 kg
61.6kg x 2mg/kg = 123.2

15mg/5ml = 123.2/x
15x =616
x = 41.1 ml/dose

by: Anonymous

8.5ml per dose or 85ml total for 10 days

Check your conversion
by: PtMike

Pounds are divided by kg (2.2 pounds equal 1 kg)
The mistake was in multiplying instead of dividing

28 divided by 2.2 is 25mg. 15mg/5 ml, 25mg/x equal
8.48 or 8.5 for one day. 10 days would be 85 ml.

Divide instead of multiply to get kg...
by: PtMike

Pounds divided by 2.2 to get kg( 2.2 pounds equal 1 kg)
Mistake made in multiplying instead of dividing
28 divided by 2.2 pounds is 12.72 kg X 2mg is 25.44 mg a day.

15 mg/5ml, 25.44/X equal 8.48 or 8.5 ml a day, times 10 days
85 ml.

The Two Step
by: Anonymous

1. Do the math of the dose directions:

2mg X (28/2.2)kg X 10 Days

2mg X 12.73kg X 10 Days

= 254.6 mg needed for this order

2. Then plug in your needed amount to your known concentration:

15mg - - - 254.6mg
-------- = ---------
5mL - - - X mL

First answer from PtMike is incorrect,
by: PtMike

Did not mean to post first answer, second answer is correct
Sorry about that

Formula to solve :))
by: Anonymous

Using this formula:

Desired dose (weight in kg)
--------------------------------------- X VOlume
Stock in hand

2mg (12.7kg)
------------------ X 5ml
15 mg

= 8.49 or 8.5 ml/day

For 10 days it would be 85ml.

One step method
by: Brad Wojcik, Pharm D

If you do it all in one step you can cancel your units before you do any of the calculations to ensure that you have not made an error.

28 lb(1 kg/2.2 lb)(2 mg/kg*day)(5 mL/15 mg)= 8.5 mL/day.

The volume for the 10 days would be 85 mL, of course.

Note that 2 mg/kg*day is mathematically the same is 2 mg/kg/day, but is easier to work with in these dimensional analysis problems.

correct answer
by: Anonymous

2yo child ./c respiratory distress
Pt. weights 28Lbs.
Rx:Prednisone 2mg/Kg/Diem x 10 days
Prednisone is 15mg/5ml = 5mg/ml
Weight conversion is 28Lbs=12.7 Kg

So:2mg/12.7/Day x 10 days
2 x 12.7mg/Day x 10 days=
25.4mg/Day x 10 days=
25.4mg/Day divided by 5mg/ml=5.08mg/Day
5.08mg dose per day x 10 days
50.8mg/10 days
Answer is: 50.8mg per 10 days

correct answer addendum
by: Anonymous

1.016 ml per day
10.16 ml for 10 days

by: sohni

The child weighs 28lbs.
first convert the lbs. into kg

so; 28/2.2= 12.72kg ;because 1kg = 2.2lb

now the order is written for 2mg/kg/day and we have 15mg/ml in stock; so we should set up the equation as following:

12.72kg(weight of the child)x 2mg/kg/day x 5ml/15mg = 8.48ml/day

Kg, mg will cancel out and we'll have 8.48ml per day.

Now you multiply the 8.48ml by 10days to get the final answer;
8.48ml x 10days = 84.8ml approximately 85ml.

The final answer is 85ml for 10days.

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