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Study website for taking PTCB

by Samantha
(Goodyear AZ)

Is the study info and practice tests on this website enough information to pass the test?

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It's complicated
by: Keith

This website is a reference / study site designed to be a companion along-side a structured program. However, if you're already in pharmacy and already familiar with most of the subject areas, this site (and other free info on the web) may be sufficient. If you're new to the industry, you will probably want to find a suitable program. Just beware of junky diploma mill programs that are just out to get your money. Take your time and investigate each option and the curriculum they teach. Don't be fooled by 'enrollment advisors', 'program directors' and 'counselors' as they are probably on commission and want you to join to make their quarterly bonus. Instead, take your time and see if there is a program at the local community college or even one accredited by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP).

by: Tina

All you need to pass is Mosby's review, this was the only study tool I used and passed on the first attempt! Know it front to back and you are gold! I highly recommend using Quizlet to create flashcards to help memorize laws, etc. It was a huge part in helping me memorize. Good luck!

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