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Top 200 Drug list

by GH
(New York)

Does anyone know if you need to know the top 200 drug list, or every drug of every class? Because right now I'm not too sure if I should just study EVERY generic to brand name in the book by drug class / chapter or just focus on the top 200 for that part.

reply: by Jerry
The answer is two-fold. Firstly, for your potential
career as a pharmacy technician you'll want to
know as many as possible. But, for the purpose
of studying for the PTCB exam, you'll want to
know at least the top 100 drugs from the
top 200 drug list.

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Top drugs
by: Jeff

I would mainly focus on memorizing the top 200 Rx drugs (Brand, generic, class) then if you have time it wouldn't hurt to know others or at least know suffixes like ex. a drug ending in (-pril) usually means it's an ACE inhibitor and maybe even some OTCs-you never know which ones you'll get asked on exam-random. It's near impossible to know all drugs without looking them up.

PTCB Drugs
by: Kevin

The top 200 drug list changes every year though (well actually constantly) so study the most up-to-date list you can find. because I was using a book that had a list like 10 years old.

Every Test is Different.
by: Al

I had maybe 3 or 4 questions on the PTCB test covering drug names and their generics. I was expecting a lot more. I wouldn't stress too much about it. Then again, you might get a test that covers that more heavily. It all depends on which 90 questions the database decides to serve up to you.

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