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Usual and Customary drug price

the formula I was given is:

AWP + Professional fee = selling price of the prescription

ex: $3.50 + $4.00 = $7.50

here is the practice problem.

I do not understand what to do with the 100.

Verapamil SR Tabs #30 AWP/100 $135.85

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U&C pricing
by: Jerry

When you see a forward slash "/" in this kind of question, think of the word "per".

So, in this case, it means AWP per hundred. And, that means that 100 of the tabs wholesales for $135.85.

You can look at it a couple different ways. Even think of it as a fraction with AWP on the top, and the 100 as the divisor(bottom)

Soon, when you see this stuff it will become second nature (what they're asking).

U&C drug price
by: Anonymous

Verapamil SR Tabs #30 AWP/100 $135.85

The formula you were given won't work here. They're only giving us the AWP & we don't have a filling cost here, so we're just looking for the cost of the med itself.

Basically, you take the cost of 100 tabs ($135.85) & divide.

135.85/100 = 1.3585 = 1.36 is your cost PER TAB

You are dispensing 30 tabs, so MULTIPLY your cost per tab x 30

1.36 x 30 = 40.80

$40.80 is the answer you're looking for. Hope this helps! :)

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