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Walgreens Pharmacy Tech

by Shelby

I'm studying for the PTCB, and hope to find a job shortly after getting certified. One of my friends suggested that there's some kind of Walgreens Pharmacy Tech program for people with no experience.

So, I was wondering if anyone here knew much about it? The walgreen's website is kind of general about it. In one sentence it talks all about an "externship" program, but then it says to contact my school's program director. Well, I'm doing self study with a friend.

Please help: If your a Walgreens Pharmacy Tech or was before, how would you suggest I go about getting my foot in the door there? Thank you very much for your advice.

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by: Ana B

My brother in law is the store manager at a Walgreens and he said the program is for those who are not certified/licensed. They will send you to classes so you can pass the exam. As far as getting your foot in the door with no experience I'm not sure on that. I would call your local Walgreens and see what you have to do to get a job there.

CPhT at Walgreens
by: Anonymous

The externship is for pharmacy school students. In Tennessee, at least, you don't have to be certified to get hired. Walgreens offers a class to pharmacy techs who have been with the company at least 6 months to help prepare for the PTCB exam. Just apply online, then call the pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacy manager. That's the pharmacist in charge. Let them know how interested you are and that you are preparing to get certified. Good Luck!

Resources for Walgreen's
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the information about Walgreen's. I'm currently enrolled in a pharmacy tech program. I wish I could get more practice with pharmacy test calculations. Do you have any more Math resources?

Walgreens Dress Code ?
by: Sally

Someone said Walgreens dosn't allow you to have acrylic nails on the job as a pharmacy tech. Can I still have my nails done while working there. Any idea?

Walgreens training program
by: Anonymous

I have been working at Walgreens for about 8 months now. I started with no pharmacy tech backround. They have provided on the job training and have paid me to attend their own pharmacy tech class. They are also paying for me to sit for the PTCE. It is a great program and they offer great benefits if you work over 30 hours a week. I even had to take a walgreens version of the exam and score high enough before they let me register to take the real exam. I did great and their exam is supposed to be harder! It is a great way to get certified and get paid at the same time!

Apply to
by: Anonymous

You can apply for a tech position at You can enter what zip code that you are interested in working in. You don't have to have prior experience. They provide on the job training and pay for your time and all your fees. It has been an amazing work experience and I really enjoy the job. They try to send you to their own class to prepare for the certification exam within the first six months or so of employment. They have povided me with textbooks and everything!

Walgreens Pharmacy Tech
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't depend on Walgreens to give you any classes. I was doing data entry for them. You have to wait six months. Then there is a waiting list to get into the class. I was let go from that job due to low performance score or maybe they didn't want to give me benefits. I can type fast. I just couldn't read the doctor's hand writing. It should of been the easiest job in the world but I just couldn't get past the bad hand writing and it slowed me down.

Walgreens test
by: Mary

I am a certified Pharmacy tech,but i don't have any prior experience, do they train you at least for a week or two and do anyone knows about their test (like the PTCB one) before the interview?

Is Walgreen's hiring?
by: Anonymous

I already have my pharmacy tech license. I am wondering if anybody hires for the pharmacy with no experience ? Thank you

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