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Warfarin drug-drug interaction

by Aileen

Which one of the following items listed is not likely to interact with Warfarin?
A. Aspirin
B. Vitamin K
C. Grapefruit juice
D. Broccoli

Which one is the correct (better) answer? They all interact in some way or another. Thanks!

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Tricky one.
by: Jerry

They indeed all have an effect, some more than others. I bet that the question's author meant to ask which was "least likely" to interact. So, if you were taking the PTCB and this question popped up, you'd probably want to assume that's what they mean, especially since three of them have a bigger effect. So, process of elimination tells me to choose: D. Broccoli

Warfarin interaction
by: allyson

Aspirin is a no-no because it further thins the blood and increases the risk of internal/occult bleeding and bleeding out with what would otherwise be a not too serious injury.

Vitamin K reduces the drug's effectiveness and puts you at risk for a clot which is what you are trying to avoid by taking the coumadin(warfarin) in the first place.

Grapefruit juice is a no-no becasue it affects the body's ability to metabolize the coumadin which can lead to life threatening bleeding.

Broccoli has vitamin K in it, as do other leafy green veggies. But as long as you keep your intake of vitamin K consistent during your coumadin therapy, your PT/INR can discuss a balance and therapeutic levels of the drug can be maintained. If you all of a sudden eat truck load of broccoli when you usually don't, it can decrease the effectiveness of the drug and that can be dangerous. But as I said, if you don't change your diet so that you're all of a sudden eating a huge amount of broccoli, you can still be OK.

So this is my choice - Broccoli.

Broccoli was wrong
by: Anonymous

Thanks I chose broccoli and got the question wrong. Still wondering the right answer...

Vitamin K
by: Anonymous

Actually the answer is vitamin K. I have the answer in my solution manual

by: Anonymous

Vitamin k.

drug ,drug, interaction.
by: Anonymous

the question is not clear, there must be some error it is not the right answer. I would not answer the vitamin k. sorry.

by: Anonymous

It's C, grapefruit juice. Vitamin K is similar to greens such as broccoli - which eliminates those two. Aspirin is one of the major drug interactions with Warfarin - which takes that out as well leaving the answer to be C-Grapefruit juice - which also interacts with most -statin drugs.

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