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Ways to remember math formulas or Top 200 Drugs

by Anita
(Sin City)

I feel like I'm getting it, but then... I'm not. My instructor teaches us super fast, to where it is overwhelming, and I try my best to jam it all in there. I really like the class, and instructor and I do envision myself as a pharmacy technician. I know I can do it. But please, is there any other ways of studying, practice testing, anything.

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Ways to remember top 200 drugs: memorize them by drug group!
by: Anonymous

To learn the top 200 drugs I recommend making flashcards and studying them everyday, A LOT. I memorize drugs by group. For example, I started with the Penicillin antibiotic group and memorized it by writing it out in this format several times over and over by hand. "Penicillin Vk, penicillin, Amoxil, amoxicillin, Augmentin, amoxicillin and calvulanate..." I start with the Brand name and the generic name follows then another brand name and generic name, etc. those are the common drugs in the penicillin antibiotic group. Now go to the Tetracycline antibiotics "Vibramycin, doxycycline" and now the Cephalosporins....
Try to memorize a new group every week. If a group is small then memorize the next one. Just practice writing them out in the order I showed you it helped me at least:)

remembering brand and their generic drug names
by: Anonymous

I know basic spanish and I have a good imagination. Coreg is a good strong sounding word and Carvedilol sounds like Carve a dilo(short for the strong armored Armadillo) Thus Poor Coreg-Carvedilol. Soma(name) the Car is opra doll(Carisoprodol). Lotensin(low tension) Benazepril(Been easy April(name)).

Vasotec(vaso-glass&tech(nician)) and enalapril(this is a stretch but enamel(enal)-april) thus a glass tech. does enamal(work)April = vasotec/enalapril.

I use word associations along with alot of spanish words Sero(Sara)-quel(quiet!)/ Que(What!)tia(Aunt)pine(Pine) thus Sara-quiet!. What Aunt Pine!=Seroquel/Quetiapine. See Vasotech/Enalapril also.

Surprisingly, I study the words so much that, I learn the spellings just by seeing them so much. Plus, it becomes apparent that many of the words have the same type spelling-pin, pine, april, pril, lol, lolo, etc. So when you see the actual word to learn it, picture the spelling by sight, but learn it by sound, etc. association if this makes sense. Hope it does and helps! I use this to put the brand/generics together. Just tell yourself with each word studied that the real spelling is...

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