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Weight/weight concentration problem

by Janie

Cream V contains 13.9% eflornithine HCL. How many grams of active ingredient is contained in 30 grams of Cream V?

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13.9% Cream V question
by: Brad Wojcik, Pharm D

First of all, it is important to know that if you want to add the % sign, multiply by 100% and if you want to remove the % sign, divide by 100%. Your answer will be in g of AI. Your given is 30 g Cream V. Your ratio is 13.9% w/w. You have to change 13.9% w/w into something that we can use in our problem. 13.9% g AI/g Cream V. (w=g, v=mL). Write down the units of your answer and the given with an = between. 30 g Cream v = g AI. Now use the ratio to change g Cream v into g AI.
30g Cream V (13.9% g AI/g Cream V) (1/100%) = 4.17 g AI. Remember, in all of these type problems, you are being asked to change the units of the given into the units of the answer by multiplying by various forms of 1, which are your ratios.

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