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What is the best book to study for the PTCB?

by Arielle

I'd really like to know what study material did those who passed the PTCB exam use. I have some book named concise review for the PTCB Exam and it helps in certain ways but not in math.

by Jerry
I have some suggestions on the Bookstore Page.
What parts of Math are challenging you the most?

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Best Books
by: Jeff

I think I've seen the book that you have. But, I recommend the blue Mosby's "review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination" out of all the books out there. I've passed the exam before but didn't get my CEU's in time so I have to retake it. This website is also helpful.

PTCB Study aids / material
by: Kevin

Agreed. I also say vary your studying - flashcards for top 200 drugs, math, history/law and reg's. of pharmacy, compounding, basic pharmacology, etc. And, take lots of practice tests wherever you can find them.

My Pharm Study
by: Amber

I used "The pharmacy technician" Workbook and certification review 4th ed. for the practice math, abbreviations, drug regulation/laws, laminar hood, it also has the top 200 & generics (I found they grouped them by classification which is kinda nice) and refrigerated drugs. I also had another review book but I cant think of the name. I noticed it wasn't mentioned in the books but know about medicare/medicaid and the different parts.

by: moria

To amber........ Where can i get the book you are talking about to purchase? I need to take my exam, but i am scared.

ptce book question
by: Anonymous

is the pharmacy technician certification exam review 3rd edition a good book to use to pass the ptce ?

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