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What's the world coming to?

by WildIronJ777

Where did it all go so wrong? Top 10% in my high school, college Honors society, a bright and promising future, and now this...

I work in a retail pharmacy as a trainee in a supermarket, I make the same as the cashiers, and yet if I make a mistake I could potentially kill someone, yet I'm expected to be able to operate at the same pace and effectiveness as the lady who has been a pharmacy tech for 10+ years? Take it from me, children, don't go into this field, it's not worth it starting out, and unless you plan on marrying rich you'll never make enough, and I haven't even done this a year yet.

I made more money when I had no job than I have as a tech, and when asking some of the younger techs, it won't be much better until four or five years in. I miss going to the gym, can't afford it now. I miss going out with friends, can't afford it now. I miss eating out more than two or three times a week, can't afford it now, and I basically live in slum apartments. There should be a strike. The pharmacist makes more money, so their amount of responsibility should overshadow the tech. Unless you want to pay me that "deal with insurance" money, then why should that not be a designated pharmacist job? If it wasn't for UFC, I wouldn't even be able to afford a 275 dollar a month rent. Sure I could if I eliminated food, bills, vehicle payments, and insurance.

Has there ever been a technician strike? There really should be!

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by: Anonymous

The working poor! Can't meet daily living expenses without credit card debt. Thanks Obama!!

That's Life
by: RevDog

Sorry to tell you good buddy, but that's life. Wait until you have kids and have to get a second and third job to have to pay for them. Then let me know how you are doing.

Motivation ..
by: Kristen

Hi, I want to encourage you in your career. I got my start working in a call center at a mail order pharmacy back in 2009. Fast forward to today: I have worked my way up, have held positions as a Supervisor on both the operations and benefits side of the house. I have worked as a corporate trainer for Pharm Techs, and am currently a Program Director for a national university and am implementing a Pharm Tech program at the college.

Life as a tech doesn't stop at the retail pharmacy. Motivate yourself, seek additional training, and look for Pharm jobs outside of the retail setting. Get creative. Tech life is awesome and can take you to places you can't even imagine. Be encouraged!

Excuse me?
by: Anonymous

Retail pharmacy is not as bad as you make it out to be. You are helping individuals with their medication requests. Be an optimist. If you don't like this field, move on. Simple.

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