When do Class 2 drugs Rx expire?

by Elizabeth
(Job Corps Muhlenberg)

While taking the practice laws test I came across a question asking when C-2 drugs expire. I thought it was 30 days but it said the answer was never. Is this an error on the question or do they not expire? It seems like not expiring is wrong but I am not sure of what the answer would be.

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PTCB and C-II scripts
by: Jerry

Yes, C-II scripts don't expire as far a federal law goes. And so, because the PTCB and ExCPT exams are based on Federal law, that's the correct answer.
The reason it works is because each state shortens that to usually 30 or 60 days. However, just so you know, prescribers (on rare occasion) often don't date them if they are trying to give a patient 90 days of a C-II script without having to see them every thirty days. Bottom line is that federally they don't expire. Strange, but true. If you find proof otherwise, please let me know.

When do Class 2 drugs Rx expire?
by: Anonymous

They do not expire. C-lll thru C-lV have expiration dates though.

PA Laws for C-II Rx
by: Anonymous

In PA, they expire after 6 months of script date.

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