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Where can I find information about Billing and system usage?

by Kim

I am currently self studying for the test. And the books I've bought are pharmacology and math. I tried to find some information about billing and systems usage since they take up almost 20% of the test. And what is pharmacy quality assurance? Thank you! If possible can you also direct me to websites for better understanding.

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Pharmacy Tech Books
by: Jerry

Billing and inventory systems systems information would be included in any books that are primarily written to study for the PTCB.

On the book review page on this site, there's one book (the second one down) called Pharmacy Technician Exam, by learning express. One of the chapters is called "Working in the pharmacy setting", and it covers those items.

Besides that, some of the issues are common to other retail industry operations. For example, there may be a question about stock rotation, or which type of document (invoice, packing slip or statement) would be used to receive stock in from the manufacture. So, if you have some retail or other work experience, that will help.

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