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Fahrenheit vs. Celsius
Conversion Formula Tutorial

On the last page we went over the formula F = 1.8C + 32, which is the most popular equation pharmacy tech students like to memorize for Celsius vs Fahrenheit conversions. Still, others prefer to use another one of the formulas. So, here's the second most popular formula.

fahrenheit celsius conversion

Now, let's discuss this formula:

Pharmacy Tech students have acknowledged they prefer this equation the second most to memorize for doing temp conversions. The fact that there's no decimal in it is why I personally favor it.

celsius conversion formula

Why does it work?

Because it's the same equation !

This equation is the same as the other one, but both sides multiplied by 5.

Keep in mind that in an equation you can make changes, as long as you do it to both sides.

Using it for C to F conversion

Let's say you need to convert 10°C to Fahrenheit.

fahrenheit celsius conversion

1) Plug 10 into the C

2) Do the math to get

Using it for F to C conversion

Let's say you need to convert 68°F to Celsius.

fahrenheit celsius conversion

1) Plug 68 into the F

2) Eliminate add'l factors

  • Subtract 160 from both sides

3) Isolate C

  • By dividing both sides by 9

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