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Fahrenheit vs. Celsius

Conversion Formula Tutorial

On the temperature conversion page, I mention that the first formula was the easiest to remember.

And, many people aren't initially sure of how or why it works. So, here's some insight to help you see it differently.

fahrenheit celsius conversion

Let's start with this formula:

In a survey, a majority of pharmacy tech students polled say they prefer this equation most to memorize for doing temp conversions. So, let's take a closer look and see why this works and how to use it.

c to f conversion chart

1) Notice the pattern that:

  • When Celsius rises 1°
  • Fahrenheit rises 1.8°

2) Also, notice that

  • When Celsius is at 0°
  • Fahrenheit is at 32°

Because of these two factors is why 1.8C and +32 are on the Celsius side of the equation. Think of it as the exchange compensation needed for Celsius to "catch-up" to Fahrenheit. In Algebra, it's called a linear function.

Example for C to F

Let's say you need to convert 10°C to Fahrenheit.

c to f conversion

1) Plug 10 into the C

2) Do the math to get

Example for F to C

Let's say you need to convert 68°F to Celsius.

c to f conversion

1) Plug 68 into the F

2) Eliminate add'l factors

  • Subtract 32 from both sides

3) Isolate C

  • By dividing both sides by 1.8

Now try:

Another formula for Temperature Conversions

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